Preparing Documents for Scanning

When preparing documents for scanning it is important to remember that the people who will scan them are not familiar with the material. Therefore, it is important to forward the material in an organized manner and with clear instructions regarding the scanning or the names of the files.

The following are simple steps to prepare documents properly, so that you may ensure precise scanning and encoding:

  1. Check that all the documents and pages contained therein are arranged in the order you'd like them to be scanned.
  2. Make sure that all the handwritten comments are clear and legible, or use printed characters.
  3. All staplers, paper clips, etc. should be removed for scanning. Dividers, notes and titles will be scanned and positioned between each document (that contains a group of pages), and they will also be returned this way.
  4. If certain documents need to be positioned in several places, it is important to indicate this by adding a clear heading and search keywords. Printed comments will be more legible and accessible than handwritten comments.
  5. Clearly number each crate and forward a printed list of all the documents stored in the crate. Keep a list of all the documents that were sent for scanning so that you can check which documents have returned. These lists also help locate documents in case you will need them while they are being scanned.
  6. When scanning a large quantity of material, each crate is referred to as a unit, for quality control reasons. Therefore, it is advisable to collect similar or related documents in each crate.

This is how you may ensure that the electronic files that will be returned to you will be organized as precisely as possible.