10 Stages to a Successful Project

Stage 1: Defining project requirements

The organization's project requirements are defined at this stage. These requirements become the basis of the solution that we will "tailor" to the organization.

Stage 2: Document receipt

We receive the document files and take inventory of the documents in order to map and mark the material. This process enables us to quickly return any material that may be required for ongoing company administration. We aim to provide a solution to this need via immediate access to all material that is temporarily under our supervision and thereby minimize the project's impact on the organization's administration.

Stage 3: Preparing documents and quality control

At this stage, we prepare the documents for scanning, while maintaining the existing order of the files and conducting preparations that will enable optimal scanning of all the material. The documents are carefully prepared in order to ensure that all project requirements are met.

Stage 4: Establishing the project set-up and quality control processes

At this stage we "tailor" the project's technical requirements, based on the requirements defined in advance. These requirements define the work processes and quality control that corresponds to the organization's needs. The establishment of the project set-up is conducted very meticulously, in order to ensure high-level precision.

Stage 5: Document scanning and quality control

At this stage the files are scanned by designated scanning devices using advanced technology, which ensure high-precision scanning result. The scanning team focuses on basic project requirements (such as defining image quality, defining format, size and paper) and specified requirements (such as special scanning of notes and comments, 2-sided paper and color documents). During the scanning process the documents are viewed on the computer screen which enables thorough inspection of the screening in order to ensure that all quality requirements are met and carried out.

Stage 6: Post Scanning Services

At this stage, the scanned documents are converted into the desired format and undergo a process according to project settings – computerized quality control, OCR, which enables file search by word. OCR is a technology that facilitates the identification of each character and enables the "reading" of what is written in the document.

Stage 7: Giving a name and encoding to files

At this stage each file is given a name and code in order to enable search. If an OCR is completed a file search by word may be conducted.

Stage 8: Data management and integration

At this stage, the digital files and the encoded fields are integrated in a database. These files may be found by using a search engine. The files may be scanned on a CD, to watch on the computer, and on DVD and for reviewing on the server and on the organization's data management system.

Stage 9: The project may be forwarded and quality controlled

At this stage, the organization's digital files are stored on media/sent/stored and a project report is sent to the customer. Meticulous quality inspection is carried out throughout the entire process. We are proud of our capacity to provide the best results within the necessary time frame.

Stage 10: The project is sent and the documents are returned or sent to recycling

At this stage, the digital files are sent and the original documents are returned or sent to recycling.