Scandox - Document Archiving Software


Archive Scanning

ScanDox is an archive scanning and management system which enables automatic scanning, labeling and storage of PDF files signed and locked in the archive.

The system was developed with an emphasis on user experience and quick integration capacity in any organization.

The system contents includes:

  • Defining an archive tree and sub-archives
  • Assigning unique key fields to each archive
  • Scanning and converting documents into PDF format
  • Adding a digital signature to each document that enters the archive
  • Advanced scanning options: scanning for several formats (PDF/Tif/Gif/Bmp/JPG), which interface with most types of scanners, scanning a compilation of documents automatically divided according to the user's definition, image compression and automatic image enhancement.
  • Receipt of files from external sources: scanner, facsimile and network
  • Automatic data identification: advanced barcode recognition
  • Advanced group and user authorization system
  • Advanced search capabilities