Optical Character Recognition


OCR - Optical Character Recognition

OCR is a program which recognizes optic characters from a graphics file – a process which is the opposite of printing a document. When printing a document the typed characters are transformed into an image, which does not distinguish between the various characters, in optic character recognition an image comprised of millions of points (pixels) is converted and deciphered into letters which may be distinguished, as in typed letters. In order to begin deciphering the letters from a graphic document the page must be scanned or photocopied.


OMR- Optical Mark Recognition

OMR is a program enabling data identification and export from forms, questionnaires and surveys, such as responses marked in black print or with an X in the designated spot.


ICR - Intelligent Character Recognition

This is a program which deciphers and converts manually written documents into digital files such as Word/PDF.


Optical Character Recognition