Document Scanning

Tomax provides advanced scanning services to a variety of companies and organizations.

Many organizations have internalized the benefits inherent in paperless work, and have adapted their work methods to the digital age.

Today, an organization that wishes to begin managing its documents digitally may receive archive scanning services at one of Tomax's scanning centers and on the customer's site.

Tomax is capable of scanning entire archives of organizations at a very high speed, thereby enabling the organization to "get rid of" its documents archive and begin working digitally.

Document scanning offers several advantages:

  • Scanning enables data storage and backup
  • Efficient and organized data management
  • Quick and simple data retrieval
  • Documents may be forwarded, printed out or delivered with ease
  • Maintains confidentiality and privacy by restricting access to certain data
  • Saves on personnel for document filing and retrieval
  • Saves on archive space and services
  • Prevents filing errors and failure to return files to proper spot following perusal
  • Contributes to organization's modern and sophisticated image